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Aloha Shirts - Aloha Shades

Aloha is balance: it is both greeting and farewell. Friendship and compassion. Regret and mercy. Aloha is love: for friends and for strangers – but also just for being alive. Aloha is a mindset. You don't have to live in Hawai'i to share it. We even have a word for it: if you carry Aloha within you (or on you), you are "kama‘āina," a child of the land, no matter what you look like or where you come from.

Every Micky Oye Aloha shirt and every Micky Oye Aloha shades, embodie this original spirit. Every item carries this heritage of my homeland, and I take it seriously, so you can take it easy. All materials, the cuts, the textiles, even the buttons are authentic and first class. You can wear a Micky Oye anywhere. If you dare.


Speaking of which, in Hawai'i we also have a beautiful saying: "‘A’a i ka hula; waiho i ka hilahila i ka hale." In translation, it means: "Dare to dance; leave your shyness at home."

So remember this: if you want to hide, wear a suit. If you want to chill, wear a T-shirt. And if you want to dance, wear a Micky Oye.

Shall we?

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